First let me begin by sharing with you that #1 I am new to the hair obsessed club and still learning from my "Hair Heroes" and #2 I am a working mom (who by the way is NOT a morning person!!!) I am finding that practice makes perfect better. Meanwhile my girls and I are enjoying our time together and we invite you to join us on our journey. Sometimes we do fancy and sometimes we flop but for us it's the process.

Friday, January 1, 2010

French Knots with a Messy Bun and some french twists on the side!

I don't know what these are called but I'm going to call them French knots. What I really love about them is that they make my princess look like she's got really thick hair!

I parted my princess's hair diagonally across the top into three large sections and left two small ones on the sides.
I made the french knots by tying the hair like you would a shoelace, after each tie, I'd grab another little section of hair and tie that in working myself from the front to the back.
After I finished each row I bobby pinned it in place for the time being.

I pulled all of the hair (minus the side sections below the french knots) into a pony tail and then removed the bobby pins.
Then I did a small french twist with the little side hairs on each side and continued the twist to the end.

I wrapped each twist around the pony tail and bobby pinned it.

Then I used another elastic around the pony tail - pulled the hair half way through and used a second elastic to help shape the messy bun. Other than the bobby pin showing in this picture, I really like how the messy bun turned out.


Holly said...

That is really neat how you did that! I don't think mine would turn out quite so well! lol

Carrie said...

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and commenting on my tablescape. I'm so glad I found your blog-- my toddler only has short blond curls right now, but SOMEDAY I'm hoping her hair will grow long enough to do these lovely things to it!!!

Wendy Mohlman said...

Hi! This is BEAUTIFUL! I just discovered the wonderful people (like yourself) who share ideas...I have two daughters and don't know how to do hair. You are inspiring and I really appreciate the time you take to demonstrate "how tos" on your site. It's going to take a lot of learning on my part, but I'm excited! It would give my daughter so much confidence which makes it worthwhile! I feel so badly her hair never looks "great." Thanks again!