First let me begin by sharing with you that #1 I am new to the hair obsessed club and still learning from my "Hair Heroes" and #2 I am a working mom (who by the way is NOT a morning person!!!) I am finding that practice makes perfect better. Meanwhile my girls and I are enjoying our time together and we invite you to join us on our journey. Sometimes we do fancy and sometimes we flop but for us it's the process.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Daddy Daughter Dance

These pictures are from last May and I'm finally posting them:
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Little Bird was actually very cooperative. We washed and dried her very thick hair, using a round brush to straighten it and put a curl at the end. It has natural curls on the underside and can be very unruly. After pulling it back into small ponytails we put some curls in using the spiral curing iron.
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Princess wanted a fancy updo - of course! We pulled it back into a ponytail. Then we put most of it up into a flower bun. The remaining hair and ends from the flower bun were curled with the spiral curling iron. The tiara and flower were the finishing touches. The flower made it through the night, the tiara did not!

Just for kicks I thought I'd share our little Dancing Queen doing her thing! We've always said she dances to the tune of her own orchestra.

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Dianne_momstuff said...

I am following you from the wrights hair blog. Very cute styles.